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Signatures for Castro/Upper Market Chipotle

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4 FrederickBaumer  
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6 TitoBals mo
7 JohnDavid  
8 MatthewRivera I can't think of many places that make me more excited than Chipotle. When I hold that 10 lbs bulging hunk of foil, I know I'm going to have the best 10 minutes of my day (5 minutes if I skipped breakfast).
9 DanielPaulsen It is time to act with common sense. We have too many vacant storefronts in the Castro because there are a select group of very vocal people who are opposed to everything. Chipotle will bring jobs, sales tax revenue, and people to shop in the area.
10 christophergalotta As a previous business owner (FINDecor) on Noe Street I favor welcoming Chipolte to this neighborhood. There needs to be some anchor businesses like Chipolte to drive business to the neighborhood. It's good for small mom and pops as well.