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Signatures for Castro/Upper Market Chipotle

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21 OzcanCaliskanlar  
22 RufusMcLain Chipotle is a good restaurant with amazing food. It's the type of establishment that will help stabilize a neighborhood that is known for businesses shutting after only a year or two.
23 marcsanchis Yes please Chipotle!
24 heatherodonnell Chipotle is an extraordinary addition to the Castro. The organization's unswerving commitment to sustainability --economic, environmental, ingredient sourcing, and technique-- serves as a model for other businesses.
25 keribrooke  
26 JeffYoshioka  
27 aaronHolmberg yes please. current status of building just brings hmeless and drug addicts to hang out there
28 DarrenMurphy Thanking you!
29 JasonHerrick As a resident of the neighborhood for over a decade, I strongly support Chipotle's plans for 2100 Market St.
30 nickkreeger