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Signatures for Castro/Upper Market Chipotle

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31 JarrettStreebin Yes, please!
32 OscarNunez  
33 GregClause  
34 RoderickAviles  
35 ShayneJones  
36 LeeNewman Bring commerce back to the Castro!
37 scottwazlowski I would like to see a Chipotle take over the blighted corner at 14th market and Church!
38 RichUyttebroek  
39 KimberlyCrawford It has been vacant for way more than a year....
40 GarrettOmeste We have too many vacant businesses in the Castro. This particular location has been empty for over a year. Mexican food is my favorite, and I love Chipotle, but I am sick of having to go downtown any time I want it. Please bring Chipotle to the Castro!