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Signatures for Castro/Upper Market Chipotle

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461 ChipDietz I support Chipotle opening at 2100 Market St. This location will only be a positive influence in the area. Providing jobs, a well maintained building and another dinner option for the several hundred additional residents moving to the area.
462 KeithSchmidt  
463 PeterFlanders Chipolte being a formula retail business should not be the basis for denying a business that would occupy a long vacant eyesore. The 300 foot window is a really narrow window. Chipolte would be a great neighbor.
464 GaryOrtega  
465 matthewpawlikowski I would love to see this become a Chipotle: great food, great prices and amazing design. The neighborhood needs to stop pushing away favorable development and leaving blighted buildings for pigeons to inhabit. Change is a good thing, stop the opposition!
466 TimothyPeters I am a two time resident of San Francisco most recently returning 2 years ago, Chipotle might have many locations but is absolutely committed to the environment concerns etc. and this will bring life back to what has been an ugly empty lot for years now
467 marshallrobison i would gladly welcome and support a chipotle on market street. the current vacant building is a blight. it would be a welcome addition to my neighborhood and is long overdue.
468 DavidGoldman I am a homeowner who for 41 years has lived within two blocks of the currently blighted corner of Church and Market. Chipotle will be a welcome addition to that corner, bringing stability and a fine restaurant. Please support their permit.
469 MariaDelao Pretty fed up with the homeless eyesore. Let's get someone in this space!
470 DonaldDodge