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Signatures for Castro/Upper Market Chipotle

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471 WilliamBrogan They should open
472 SteveCasavant They should open
473 JimMcDonald  
474 DaveEvans  
475 ThomasWilson  
476 KatieMajersky  
477 kevinvoccia I live inthis neighborhood and this corner has previously has a Boston Market. Post Boston Market the site was empty until Home moved in. Yes Home was local but it was overpriced and the food was crap. The corner presently is a mess.I welcome any business
478 LeeRadlo  
479 robertnorgaard YES YES YES!!!! It will make the area look GREAT and their food is great. I am soo sick of the obstructionists who block progress. THIS IS PROGRESS! Besides, maybe this competition will make the other 2 mexican joints in the area produce quality food.
480 shalj